George Adi

George Iliadis aka George adi was born in Thessaloniki on 1989 and is now a Greece based artist.

His first contact with underground electronic scene was at the age of thirteen when he strarted djing at local clubs until he was finaly signed by the most famous greek artist agency NON.
It was then when he started creating step by step his artist career as he had the chance for quite a few years to share the booth with many of his favourite artists like Sven Vath,Pan-Pot,Gaiser,Paul Kalkbrener,Agoria,Ellen Alien,Marco Bailey,Heidi,Hell,Valentino Kanzyani,Minilogue and many more during NON events around Greece especially during the REWORKS festival’s.
Influenced and motivated from the changes that electronic music experienced over the years he was privileged to stand side while the musical evolution took place.

Thats when he decided to follow a series of music production courses at SAE Institue(London) for the year 2010/11.
He is now working in his Greece based studio on his first releases,expected till the end of 2011.


NON Radio Sessions