Profile / The history of NON

Profile / The history of NON

NON is connected with the past and the present of electronic music in  Greece. Based on the demand and desire for freshly squeezed ideas, its assets embrace a large number of activities such as artists’ representation, event coordination, promotion, music management and graphic design.

The history of the NON idea begins back in the mid 90’s. Formed by Tasos Anthopoulos & friends, NON started as an experiment of introducing a new sound to the city. With first attempts to put together two turntables, a small sound system and some good will for new & fresh ideas in small underground venues, NON efforts had an important effect and as a result, parties became bigger and stronger.

Numerous events then took place mainly in Thessaloniki but also all over Greece with highlight, the coordination of a series of open area festivals taking place at the University area of Thessaloniki from 1995-2000 with the participation of the most promising young talents of that time and more than 5000 people participating & dancing for hours.

However, the past contains also a second name, as another co-operation emerged in the city. Elektronom was formed by Ison & Dj Solar, in order to focus on the Techno/Electro sound of that time. At the beginning there was no link between NON & Elektronom, but inevitably both sides were connected by mutual respect

As a result it was not long before NON & Elektronom came into contact after their individual co-operation with the Art-House club in 2001 in Thessaloniki. There, NON coordinated their own series of events mainly hosting national artists, while Elektronom have started their series with international names such as Steve Bug, Juan Atkins, Ian Void, Dave Saunders, James Ruskin, Jay Denham, alongside Dj Solar and Ison.

This connection brought NON & Elektronom very close and as a result in 2002 Anastasios Anthopoulos, Ison and Dj Solar decided to join their forces together. Motivated by their passion for modern electronic music, the now reformed NON is based on a philosophy of organizing and realizing a series of events focused on the development of the electronic sound in the country.

The next year NON are going from strength to strength, appearing to a rising number of events and contributing to various projects. Highlights have been the Christmas & New Years Eve parties in 2003 in Cargo Club where 1200 people where dancing in a night lasted for more than 11 hours.

By summer 2003 NON started a residency at Decadence club, under the name “Aesthetics”, with the purpose to present a series of acoustic-visual pieces of entertainment a series of events which lasts until today.

The premier symptom was a gig with Miss Kittin, alongside, Dj Solar and Ison with a huge happy audience dancing endlessly till 10 am. After that, events of Ison & Dj Solar alongside The Hacker, Dj Naughty, Zombie Nation, Tiga, Monika Kruse, Vitalic, Steve Bug, Ellen Allien, Electric Indigo, Acid Maria, Agoria, Paul Kalkbrenner, Stanny Franssen, David Carretta and many more have followed until today.

NON have also proceed to the launch of the “Kontakt” series in , mainly focusing in the introduction & implementation of various upcoming artists  to the city. Since then  artists such as Anja Schneider, Fairmont, Deadbeat, Nick Curly, Gummihz, Argy, Pier Bucci, Konrad Black, Troy Pierce, Brothers Vibe, Sonja Moonear and many more..

NON are also behind 3 more concept parties ” The Polaroid Parties ” , ” Ouch! ” and “Bodysonik” each one specialising on a different style of music. ” Ouch! ” was focused on the sound of New Rave ” Bodysonik “on the House scene and ” The Polaroid parties” on local acts.

The creation of Reworks Festival in 2005 was an important part on the history of NON. Started in 2005 Reworks  has been a touchstone for the music and creative arts in Greece and each of its previous editions is a landmark in the evolution of forward thinking entertainment. Hovering between static and ecstatic, Reworks has hosted in its piers an array of influential musicians, creative artists of both local and international origin and has captured the zeitgeist of the naught-ies.  Today the festival has invited more than 500 artists  it is considered as the biggest electronic event in the country included on the top  10 September festivals in the world for 3 years consequent years on Resident Advisor . The success of Reworks has simply relied on its interactive character which transmits it to a real experience for its participants and viewers.

Parts of the NON activities are also the NON Radio Sessions a show of Ison which presents whatever new emerges on music. The show has been running for 3 years on 88.5 radio and now it airs on Republic Radio 100.3 and it has been recently the pick show of Heidi ( BBC Radio One ) on DJ Magazine.  For more details please visit the NON Radio Sessions section on the main menu.

In adittion our Promotion department Poster Plus offers a full treatment regards music events . We offer poster & flyer designs, Web designs,  prints, distribution of flyers and posters and consulting as well. Poster Plus has been responsible for various promotions in Greece from the promotion of  Reworks, the Heineken Thirst Festival, Ardas Festival, to the concert shows of Jean Michel Jarre,  James, the promotion of clubs such as Decadence, Venue,  Boutique, Aqua Nova , Zenit and many more

This moment finds NON hosting apart from Ison & Dj Solar now Nikos, also  And.Id  an exceptional artist who has recently signed on Mobilee recs and 2 upcoming artists Darktom & George Adi.  Also it has recenlty signed and represents now Cayetano an artist with long history and a promising future. With their unique style, the artists’ purpose is to elevate from obscurity the most romantic flavor of electronic culture with plain and clear aims. After all, everything emerges from the simple.


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